Tuesday, March 31, 2009

where is your guardian angel?

Bare foot and dirty, the girl just sat and watched the people go by. She never tried to speak, she never said a word. Many people passed, but never did one person stop.

Just so happens, the next day I decided to go back to the park, curious if the little girl would still be there. Right in the very spot as she was yesterday, she sat perched on high, with the saddest look in her eyes.

Today I was to make my own move and walk over to the little girl. As we all know, a park full of strange people is not a place for young children to play alone.

As I began walking towards her, I could see the back of the little girl's dress indicated a deformity. I figured that was the reason the people just passed by and made no effort to help. As I got closer, the little girl slightly lowered her eyes to avoid my intent stare. I could see the shape of her back more clearly. It was grotesquely shaped in a humped over form. I smiled to let her know it was OK, I was there to help, to talk.

I sat down beside her and opened with a simple "Hello". The little girl acted shocked and stammered a "hi" after a long stare into my eyes.

I smiled and she shyly smiled back. We talked 'til darkness fell and the park was completely empty. Everyone was gone and we at once were alone. I asked the girl why she was so sad. The little girl looked at me and with a sad face said, "Because I'm different."

I immediately said, "That you are!" and smiled.

The little girl acted even sadder, she said, "I know."

"Little girl," I said, "you remind me of an angel, sweet and innocent."

She looked at me and smiled, slowly she stood to her feet, and said,"Really?"

"Yes, dear, you're like a little guardian angel sent to watch over all those people walking by."

She nodded her head "yes" and smiled, and with that she spread her wings and said, "I am. I'm your guardian angel," with a twinkle in her eye.

I was speechless, sure I was seeing things

She said, "For once you thought of someone other than yourself, my job here is done."

Immediately I stood to my feet and said, "Wait, so why did no one stop to help an angel?"

She looked at me and smiled. "You're the only one who could see me, and you believe it in your heart."

...and she was gone.

And with that my life was changed dramatically. So, when you think you're all you have, remember, your angel is always watching over you. Mine is!

Every friend should be a angel in their own way.

Always be aware of your people around you , there may be an only opportunity to grab when you are searching for security in this life or There is no security in this life, only opportunity.

this is email sent by my boss! Want to know who is the ANGEL? it just beside u !

Friday, March 27, 2009


以下是我收到EMAIL 的讯息:


关闭电灯不过是举手之劳,但其结果却意义非凡。此项活动2007年在澳大利亚首次 推出, 上百万企业和个人积极参与。它强有力地传递出这样一个令人振奋的信 息——全世界的人们以及所有的惠普人都在关心着我们这个星球的未来。 要实现这一目标,我们需要您的帮助。

您需要为此做什么? 在http://www.earthhour.org/网站上报名参加“拯救地球一小时?



Malaysia Counting Down to Earth HourCorporate Malaysia, Iconic landmarks and Celebrities join hands to fightagainst Climate Change
Kuala Lumpur – Imagine a major part of Kuala Lumpur turning its lights outalmost simultaneously for one hour. A city in darkness would definitely get thetown talking on what all the fuss is about. On 28 March, Malaysia will be takingpart in a global movement to stand united with 1000 cities and its peoples forEarth Hour by switching off non-essential lights for one hour. Earth Hour, whichwill take place on 28 March 2009, 8.30pm to 9.30pm (local time), is aimed atpromoting awareness to fight against climate change.
‘“The act of switching non-essential lights is a simple and effortless stepthat every person can take that can trigger a huge positive impact againstclimate change. The message we are trying to give is that every person, bytaking a small action such as turning off a light, can make a huge difference inthe fight against climate change””, said WWF Malaysia Chief ExecutiveOfficer, Dato' Dr Dionysius Sharma.
Earth Hour is an initiative started by World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) in2007 in Sydney, Australia. Last year 50 million people across 35 countries tookpart in this movement. This year WWF is targeting 1 billion people worldwide -individuals, government and corporations alike and WWF Malaysia is joining theranks to lead Malaysians to be part of this global action.“Humanity is not in a position to allow our activities to warm up the planet.Much is at stake; biodiversity, our loved ones and ourselves. Let's startwith an hour and stop only when we have created hope for planet Earth”.Dato' Dr Dionysius Sharma further said.
Todays launch kicks off WWF Malaysia’s drive to muster the support andparticipation of Malaysians, targeting at least 5 million individuals andcorporations as well as building owners and the government.
One of Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic landmarks, The KL Tower has graciouslyoffered their support to the Earth Hour movement by providing the venue for thelaunch of Earth Hour today as well as for the Earth Hour event on 28 March."Menara Kuala Lumpur, under it's Tower of Hope programme, is committedto raise awareness on climate change and being the first monument in Malaysia toparticipate for this cause, we would like to call upon other buildings in thiscountry to do the same." said Dato' Zulkifli Mohamad, Chief ExecutiveOfficer of Menara Kuala Lumpur.
Dato' Dr Dionysius Sharma added “We are ecstatic that KL Tower haspledged their support for Earth Hour and we are hoping to get our world famousKLCC Twin Towers to be involved as well. Other iconic landmarks around the worldsuch as the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan and Dubai’s Burj Al Arab have alreadypledged their support for this cause”.
Meanwhile local celebrities have also joined hands together with WWF Malaysiato lend their support to drive this cause to the masses. Among celebrities andpersonalities who have confirmed their participation for Earth Hour are ZainalAbidin, Alex Yoong, Karamjit Singh, Stephanie Chai, Lina Teoh, Shebby Singh,Daphne Iking, Sharifah Amani, Sarimah, Sazzy Falak, Rina Omar, Aishah Sinclairand Lyn Lim. These celebrities will participate in promotional events leading upto Earth Hour. Malaysia’s very own famous film director, Yasmin Ahmad has beenappointed to as the Ambassador of Earth Hour. Her appointment is veryappropriate with the movement’s theme of unity as her films echoes the samemessage as well.
Even individuals have come forward to provide rallying assistance. Thanks tothe generous effort of one of Malaysia’s corporate leaders – Dato’ JohanRaslan President of ICRM, many companies have come forward to pledge theirparticipation in Earth Hour. Dato Johan said, “Supporting Earth Hour byswitching off the lights is so simple to do. It is just a small step in thelonger journey to raise awareness of climate change. By participating, corporateMalaysia is sending a resounding message that we are serious aboutsustainability”.
On the media front ASTRO, Media Prima and RTM – pledging to provide air timeto run Earth Hour commercials and promotions while at the same time dedicatingslots in their talk show programs to promote this initiative, with 8TV pledgingto halt transmission of all programs for an hour. “8tv is honored to be partof this momentous event. As a leading media company, and more importantly ascitizens of the world, it is our responsibility to help raise awareness towardsthe need to take action against climate change. 8tv is committed to the messageof Earth Hour and will take its first step by reducing broadcasting time by onehour starting from the 1st of March 2009.And in support of Earth Hour 2009, for the first time ever in tv broadcastinghistory, 8tv will shut down tv transmission from 8.30pm – 9.30pm on March 28.This transmission shutdown, done during our peak prime-time hour, will send astrong message to all Malaysians about the need to slow down climate change.”said it’s 8TV’s Chief Executive Officer, En. Ahmad Izham.
Earth Hour has been a huge success – first in Sydney alone in 2007, and thenglobally last year and it is a testament to show that the simple act of peopleswitching off their lights can make a resounding statement for a worthy cause.
Malaysians from all walks of life are strongly encouraged to be a part of thisglobal movement and make a difference in the world that we live in.Sign up for Earth Hour at www.earthhour.org/malaysia and make a pledge toswitch off your lights now.


Thursday, March 26, 2009


在人生的道路上,总有令人难于抉择的十字路口! 去或留的问题一直在我的脑海里盘旋,如何平衡只有结果才知道。鱼与熊掌的道理谁都知道,只是,内心的那份不确定和不舍得一直煎熬。休息是为了走更长的路,这句话蛮有道理。但当有两件事在同时间重要时,逼使自己做出选择, 好辛苦哦!


我自2007 年来,整整两年来,每天都是得过且过的生活,漫烂的过着。。。。。。
是时候醒了,我对我自己说已经没有逃避的本钱了,面对现实吧!飞回来过后,重整人生,创造人生。 希望接下来的路, 可以走得精彩,无悔当初的抉择。

虽然有人会觉得你选错,但选择权是你,你是唯一可左右自己思想的人,选了就不要后悔。 选你所爱,爱你所选!

路是人走出来的,前方虽然一片弥漫,但相信自我,一定能跨步迈进! 加油! 加油!加油!你一定行!

突然想起一首一首励志歌曲:孙燕姿 的歌:一起走过

是否还记得 从前美丽的天色
那时天很蓝 我们的未来都在不远地方晴朗着
一切都变了 生命不只是快乐
浓浓黑雾笼罩我们 暴风雨就要来了
但谁说不能 肩并着肩站稳
在我心中 我知道 这是永恒的长跑
好不容易来到这里 明天还要追更多荣耀
把自己角色扮演好 全力以赴每一秒
和我的家人 和我的朋友 向着目标手牵手 一起走到
这又是起点 我们有一样心愿 当我们团结
狂风巨浪也不能阻挡我们走向前 谁害怕改变
只要紧握着信念 心中有梦 没有遥远跨出去就在瞬间
但谁说不能 肩并着肩站稳 我们用心和用爱创造让新的世界诞生
在我心中 我知道 这是永恒的长跑 好不容易来到这里
把自己角色扮演好 全力以赴每一秒
和我的家人 和我的朋友 向着目标手牵手 一起走到

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 天2夜的鹰岛之旅pulau langkawi 15~17.02.2009

3 天2夜的鹰岛之旅,这是我第3次去langkawi ,虽然没有什么特别, 不过这一次旅程有了不一样的体验! 来看图说照片吧!

鹰岛居然有jalan dang wangi





来到bali ?

awana porto malai



Monday, March 23, 2009


蛮好听的一首歌:我的回忆不是我的 - 泳儿与海鸣威
其实这首歌在早期是海鸣威的首张专辑的歌,大概在2007 年出的!但没得到很大的回应。
时时难预料到2 年后, 这首歌会大受好评。

伤心的总会任性 灰心的总会用气力将最好的过去
将最多的细碎 锁到属於你的眼睛失恋的不够耐性
失恋的不信是注定於最黑的世界 於最光的刹那 感到属於你的气息
即使很多一起过的 想起的通通你的为着是浪漫的爱情通通都可再见 但承诺可再听什麽可不变色
Oh baby 当晚与你记住蒲公英
今晚站在大地自己倾听难道送别你 回头总是虔诚谁能怪我
总是太感性失恋的都有惰性 失恋的都记住约定当理想的世界 当理想的刹那
因爱 无分你的我的即使很多一起过的 想起的通通你的为着是浪漫的爱情通通都可再见
Oh baby 当晚与你记住蒲公英 今晚偏偏想起风的清劲回忆不再受制於我
我承认回忆也许你的当晚与你记住流水声 今晚站在大地自己倾听难道送别你
回头总是虔诚谁能怪我 总是太感性当晚与你记住蒲公英
今晚偏偏想起风的清劲回忆不再受制於我 我承认回忆也许你的当晚与你记住流水声
今晚站在大地自己倾听难道送别你 回头总是虔诚谁能怪我 总是太感性

Saturday, March 21, 2009



感情出现问题时, 双方都不可能静下来分析决裂的问题!大家都持有自己的己见。来一次大坦白对话,有两个可能性, 一:大家知道自己的问题,而得以慢慢的改善,感情近一步的跨进, 二,两个自挖疮疤,大家都坚持自己是对的,感情就慢慢消失。


人与人之间, 相识到相爱是一种缘分,世界上亿的人口,偏偏被你遇上,这就是前世修来得福。 还记得一个辩论题目:相爱容易相处难!在辨的时候,双方都争执的面红耳赤,其实并没有谁是谁非,只是看你如何衡量整件事而已。 

套用朋友的文章, 我觉得蛮对的!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009




天下本天事, 庸人自扰之!

你的眼神不够精神,不够气势,却充满艺术细胞, 有气质,像与世无争的人。充满才华的人,从你急智演说,有迹可探。 -- 这是一位我蛮欣赏的人, 给予对我现在的评语。


何时醒? 。。。。。。。。。

前几天跟老弟谈天,提及自己对未来的未知,感到无奈。他跟我分享了一些经历与故事。他也道出我一直在逃避一些东西,自己也觉得蛮有道理。 希望不要再逃避了!加油!你不小了!!






  【发音】zhuāng zhōu mèng dié
  【示例】 死离生别,一似~。 ——明·胡文焕《群音类选·〈投笔记·匈奴困超〉》
  庄子以故事的形式对此进行了如下阐述:“昔者庄周梦为蝴蝶,栩栩然蝴蝶也。自喻适志与!不知周也。俄然觉,则蘧蘧然周也。不知周之梦为蝴蝶与?蝴蝶之梦为周与?周与蝴蝶则必有分矣。此之谓物化。”[选自《庄子·内篇·齐物论第二》 ]

Saturday, March 7, 2009



























以上都是说女性的,其实我认为它分析的不错, 但我是男的!哈哈!真的很准耶,有一半以上给它说中! 

Thursday, March 5, 2009