Wednesday, October 31, 2007

appreciate your life

Are you HaPPy with your life??

today, i having lunch with my boss, talking some gossip throughout the time. our story from office until philosophy. it make me worries, cause my boss like to said: "you never know what tomorrow will happen" = that mean my company anytime can bankrupt. so damn situation.

He like to talk philosophy, such as how to prevent the word, even some religions things also discuss. but i totally agree what he said in one word: enjoy your life,we must appreciate what we have now.

i was thinking, really need appreciate to what we having now. trying to think, if we live in the country like china, India, Africa. there have no choice to choose their life. i have experience before, i go to china, sheng zhen with my hong kong boss, he bring me to the factory. i saw a lot of worker, their life is just work, sleep work. you want entertainment, sure no problem at your dream!!

my colleague ask one of the worker , would you like to travel, and if time can visit us at Singapore(at their time , i was working at singapore). i was thinking, my colleague really damn idiot, she even can afford their life, how was she want to travelling.

in our life, we keep complaint this complaint there, the whole world full of guilty. really dunnot where will be peace....